2023 Goals


St. Mark’s School will be one of the centers where we will carry out some volunteer activity in this summer’s campaign. 

This summer, we will take part in educational activities to aid the girls and boys in Lokitaung. 

Estudios superiores

This year, 15 students from Turkana will be offered grants by Association Manyatta. We will finance 7 certificates, 2 students in Learning Lions, 5 diplomas and a University Degree in International Relations for our first grantee who will go to university, Anjelina. 


Before starting higher education, our young women take a course in basic skills in ICT. It is essential that women are prepared to work with today’s technology. 


Professional Training

Six young women will join higher educational studies. During our trips to the region, we will help the young women who have received our grants to choose their studies. For us, it is our priority to help them choose studies that allow them to enter the workforce with guaranteed success.