Nursery and Primary Education

St. Mark’s Primary School, located in Lokitaung parish, began its journey in January 2020. It is a school in which families and the parish join forces to provide quality education to young children through the Montessori method. It is a breath of fresh air to find such a school. The Manyatta  Association will try to present this wonderful project to different schools  in Spain and obtain the necessary support for its continuity and growth.

Higher Education

The financing of higher education gives meaning to all the efforts that have made it possible for the girls of St Patrick’s Girl Center to finish secondary school. These girls will be the future of Turkana, tomorrow they could work in their region as doctors, engineers or teachers, and not least, be an example and inspiration for their classmates in lower grades. These young women will contribute to the development of their region through the work that they will do in the towns and villages that they are from.

Professional training

We have started a new educational scholarship program for the professional training of young women, focused on obtaining a job or starting their own business. For this reason, we search for courses that meet these demands, as well as the inclusion of business and marketing subjects. These programs are aimed at groups of women who are particularly vulnerable due to their situation of social exclusion or because they are single mothers.